Here at FACEswag, we're often asked by our customers if we can put their dog on a shirt. Well here's your answer -- yes we can!

Our dog tees are some of our most popular FACEswag items, and you can get started today by uploading your four-legged friend.

From proud pug fans to loved-up labrador owners, our custom-designed dog t-shirts are the perfect gift!

But our tees aren't any old photo printing service. At FACEswag, your pooch with pop like never before with our timeless Vector artwork (shown below). This design captures all the best bits about your best friend while transferring perfectly to our t-shirts.

So how does it all work? For a killer canine face tee, head over to, select your desired shirt and choose your design. Our digital artists will transform your pooch's face into a work of art!

Our custom artwork will be at its best when we can see all the detail in your pup's face! Make sure the special subject is looking towards the camera, with their face and neck completely within the frame. You'll see the best results if you can get your dog to sit while looking directly at the camera (tasty treats come in handy here!).

Read more about choosing a great photo to upload in our dedicated guide.

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